Music a part of the University - through history

University Main Building
Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

The Royal Academic Orchestra is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in Europe and is today bigger and more dynamic than ever. 

The great majority of the orchestra’s musicians are students and employees at the University, including exchange students and visiting researchers from various parts of the world. But the concert productions and administration work is organized by four employees at the University. The staff who leads and coordinates the productions are situated at Musicum - the pink building in the Observatory Park at Kyrkogårdsgatan 4. At Musicum we also arrange smaller events and concerts such as chamber music concerts. Our bigger concerts are taken place in the Grand Auditorium in the University Main Buidling.

To the left you can read more about the orchestra, the staff, Musicum and how you can apply to the ochestra.

The Grand Auditorium - Our golden stage

The beautiful Grand Auditorium in the University Mail Building is our concert venue where we perform all our larger concerts and participate in the academic ceremonies. 

The University Main Building was built in the 1880s. At the time, it housed all the University’s activities. Since then, the University has grown a lot and today it is spread throughout the city. The University Main Building is still used for lectures, conferences, concerts and university ceremonies.

Grand Auditorium in the University Main Building
Photo: David Naylor


Musicum in the spring
Photo: Rebecca Måwe

Musicum is the beautiful building from 1930 in the Observatory park where music flows almost every day. Three ensembles associated to Musicum and Uppsala University Coral Center are located in Musicum. The Royal Academic Orchestra, Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra and the Academic Chamber Choir of Uppsala all rehearse at Musicum, 3-4 days of the week. Other than that there is several practice rooms in which members of the ensembles could practice. Musicum is also where the emplyees have their offices and where it might occur on or two in-house parties after concerts and events. A couple of times each term we also arrange chamber music concert in the Chapel hall ("kapellsalen") at the bottom floor. Read more about the history of Musicum.