Musicum at Uppsala University

Musicum is the Department of Music at Uppsala University and is located in Kyrkogårdsgatan in central Uppsala. Currently, no music courses are taught here, but the building is alive with music. The Royal Academic Orchestra, the Uppsala Academy Chamber Choir, and the Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra all rehearse here. Musicum arranges the two University orchestra’s concerts as well as soup concerts, chamber music concerts, and themed lectures.

Musicum is the workplace for the staff in charge of administration and marketing of concerts and activities of the Royal Academic Orchestra and the Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra.

The Musicum staff consists of:

  • Stefan Karpe, Director musices
  • Ulf Johansson Werre, Artistic director of the Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
  • Hans Forsberg, Stage manager
  • Rebecca Måwe, Producer 
  • Emelie Gustafson, Project assistant ENUO
  • Synthia Bintey Rahman, Project assistant ENUO
  • Nadja Ali, Orchestra librarian